photo of Sam and Katie smiling

Sam is born and raised in DC and Katie is defiantly proud of her Jersey roots. We are both community organizers who have been living in DC and working in the DC area on local campaigns for social justice for the past six years.

We’re lucky to be partners in lots of different ways – we’ve been dating for a few years and have shared goals for this trip of a lifetime.

The election was a wake up call for us (as it was for many people) – we realized that neither of us personally knew anyone who had voted for Trump and that we’re missing something fundamental about our country. We both grew up on the east coast and have lived all of our lives in what you might call liberal latte drinking bubbles. We know that our futures and the futures of many people we deeply care about are bound up with half of the country who we currently don’t understand.

Our trip is part for our personal edification, to get out of the bubbles we have lived in and to try to get to know and possibly understand people who are very different from ourselves. Our trip is also a learning journey, to learn from organizers and activists across the country about how they are organizing, creating change, protecting what they hold dear, and possibly building bridges and understanding in this political moment.

What’s next? We’re not sure. After three months we hope to settle down in a new place far away from where we’ve grown up and to be helpful in building capacity and power to bring more justice to our world. Please join the conversation by commenting on our posts – supportively or critically!